Tornadoes Basketball Homecoming Candidates Announced


Drumright public schools announced on Saturday, Jan 9, the 2021 basketball homecoming court.

Senior king candidates are, Will Bruce, Gabe Butler, and Dakota Weir.

Senior queen candidates are, Keziah Vogele, Clair Grey, and Molly Scott

Junior attendants are Zach Lacy and Emily Bryant.

Sophomore attendants are Tim Allen and Mia Martin.

Freshman attendants are Gage Lovin and Molly Flewellen

Crown bearer is Bryton Pittser and flower girl is Cheviaya Fowler.

The kid escort is Aidan Watts.

The 2021 Tornadoes Basketball homecoming game is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 26. The homecoming festivities will take place at 6:30 p.m.